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German Homoeo Lab

German Homoeo Lab is a multispecialty homoeopathy treatment center  

At A Glance

We create a new era in Homoeopathy treatment.For more than one decade we serve the people and built their trust.We have a panel of expertise Doctor who are attend our patient on 24 hours basis.We always try to give a better service to our patient at their door


We are German Homoeo Lab. A renowned leading Homoeopathy Clinic of West Bengal.Presently we spread our wings on Lucknow.Very recent try to spread it all over India.Over a decade our Expertise team work hard to give a Best treatment to our Patients through out the day.We always give a Quality treatment by a Quality Medicine and Quality People

German Homoeo lab

Quality Treatment

We give a Quality Treatment by Quality Medicine and Quality People. Through computerized check up we give a excerpt feedback of every patient.We try to give a better treatment to our Patients by extra care.

Our Mission at Life Force is to develop the best world standards in homoeopathy practice and make them available to our patient. Enhancing the potential of homoeopathy which has benifited to People across the Global.We values integrity ,dedication,commitment and accountability .Our mission is to spread the benefits of homoeopathy to as many people as possible at an affordable cost   

Quality Treatment by Quality Process and Quality People.

Areas of Focus


Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Treatment in Female Infertility


Homoeopathic constitutional remedies were successful in treating 27 out of 40 cases testing positive for Urine Pregnancy Test (Earlie Icon) and USG of pelvis. Data from the sample subjected to McNemar’s test to determine the significance of the effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment found ‘p’ value in PCOD and Chronic PID to be 0.001 and 0.002 respectively, that were highly significant. ‘p’ value in Endometriosis was 0.206, not significant. The effectiveness of treatment by the rate of conception in these infertile females was overall (67.5%) and the ‘P’ value was 0.002 that is significant as per statistical value.


Homoeopathy is effective in therapeutic management of female infertility. The well indicated constitutional remedy given on the basis of symptoms’ similarity has helped the infertile patients to conceive.


Erectile dysfunction refers to the situation when a man has difficulty in getting a firm erection or an erection, which is required to achieve sexual penetration. Several cases of erectile dysfunction can cause impotency in a man. But today we can treat Erectile Dysfunction with homeopathic medicines without any side effects before that we need to understand the right cause of Erectile Dysfunction so that right homeopathic treatment can be used.

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